Al Sowwah Island Bridge 1

Inspired by sand dunes, the proposal revolves around the idea of creating a shell that is along the length of the crossing starting at one end of the bridges only to disappear and remerge at the second bridge . The Dune-like form of the shell fluctuates to create various scales that are transformed into shading elements, programmable spaces, and street furniture. The fluid transition of scale allows us to use this strategy to address a varied spectrum of vantage points for the perception of the crossing. The Dune has a distinct figure from a distance, perceived from the high-rise buildings on the Island or from the neighboring bridges. At night, the dune glows with color creating a vibrant ambiance. For pedestrians, the Dune starts as a sequence of street furniture elements integrated within the form of the shell that gradually grow to create a subtle semi enclosed shaded space. The fragmentation of the shell provides for an interesting interplay of light and shadow for pedestrian and vehicular commuters alike, and allows for a continued perception of openness even through the most enclosed parts of the envelope.