Al Sowwah Island Bridge 2

We have envisioned the second option to be a linear park with a mix of programmed pavilions running parallel to the vehicular bridge connecting pedestrian walkways on both islands. We believe the idea originally put forth by the Client in the form of installations along the bridge was interesting and worth pursuing. However, for the pavilions idea to work, and in order to generate enough pedestrian traffic along the crossing, an increase in width for the pedestrian zone is necessary. Hence, the idea of creating a segregated pedestrian lane – what we will refer to as a linear park – emerged. The split between the bridges provides a clear segregation between the pedestrians and the vehicles. A slight drop in level helps diffuse the vehicular noise and create a zone that is distinctively pedestrian. It also helps separate visually the cars away from the pedestrian strollers We think of the pavilions as anchors. In retail terms, anchors are usually located at critical points within retail zones to ensure enough pedestrian traffic is generated along a retail path. The programs and locations of the pavilions are treated similarly. The pavilions range in size from ones that house functional programs such as Cafés, Prayer Facilities, retail outlets, etc., to ones that are more recreational or transitional in nature such as viewing decks, light beacons, vertical transportation elements, etc. At night, the pavilions become a constellation of lit elements scattered along the bridge.